As I turn 30

Well, the time has come, and I turned 30. At some point of my life I thought this day would never come.
But, here I am and it’s not that bad :) It’s great actually. There are a few things I wanted to share with you guys that I am thinking about as I celebrate my Bday! I wanted to share them with you and hopefully benefit you in some way.

Please watch the video below and leave me a comment or your thoughts on the subject.

Dan Razumoff

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7 thoughts on “As I turn 30”

  1. Happy B-lated Birthday Dan! What a great video! I hope you don’t mind but I going to send your video to my list of peeps. This video has helped me too! Thank you!

  2. Dan — I have enjoyed listening to your video. You stress the need for priorities and discipline. I think your wife should be Priority #1, perhaps merging with your love of God which you have put ahead of her. Does she feel the same as you? Advice: Concentrate on one or two things, not a plethora of them. What is your trade? your experience? your strong points? Focus on a few, not splattering about on a number of them. You do not mention your income source (job) up to now; what are you best at doing (mechanical, clerical, musical, et al)??? Use your best talents to further your life’s goal(s). From the video it would seem you have tried a lot of things, none of which bringing real satisfaction or financial gain. Obviously you are intelligent, well educated, completely literate in English–even erudite. FOCUS on what’s important to you and your family’s life. Keep God high in your priorities. Pray for His guidance.
    My great nephew enlisted in the Navy July 2007; he is smart and has been in school learning all about nuclear stuff ever since boot camp. He also is quite advanced in Mobsters on MySpace. He encouraged me to join, which I did; and I gradually catching up to him. I am in Level 85 and he is 91. I have been in it only since Labor Day — he a bit longer. He will be chagrined if I catch up to him, but I think I will (he has to devote a lot of time to his nuclear stuff). Anyway, in trying to increase my mob, I asked you to join — and that’s how that came about. Feel free to send me direct e-mails. I don’t know where you live but I live in Norfolk, VA. Hoping to hear from you soon, ……….. Albert Norton

  3. Dan,
    thanks for the thoughts of the heart to consider. I noticed right away that even though some may see this as great advice, it is all Scripture based information that you gave. Discipline is very important and yet often misunderstood as a term we use for ourselves. I am going to pray on this as I am updating my prayer log anyway. I am on a prayer chain through my church and also am involved in a Bible College to serve my vocation – ministry for my Lord and savior, Jesus Christ. If anyone is interested in this information or a look at the college, let me know.
    Blessings in Christ,

  4. I wish you happiness, and your wife, for having, a handsome young man, and with so many values, which is lucky to have found your wife, in such a family man and this woman,,, God bless you, , and you’re very happy, a kiss, your friend Osmara.

  5. That was so inspirational… Thank you for sharing it with me… I would love to share it with my down line if that is ok just let me know if that would be ok! Happy belated birthday! I would love to learn more from you so please keep me posted… I’m gonna do what you said in this video!

  6. Happy Birthday Dan! Nov. 4th is important for my younger sister was also born on that day!! I have to say that as a young man, you certainly do have your priorities straight. I appreciated hearing about them, and most importantly hearing about some of your discipline challenges. For me, once I have a goal, vision and focus for something (even a 30 day goal), I find that the how, with great clarity, shows up. I have also found that the discipline will follow. If you are seeking to better develop your relationships with God, your wife and your child, you will be shown how. As far as your business, a “way” will be shown to you that you will have great passion about, all the rest won’t matter.

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