Accountability 101 – A Must Read Lesson in Leadership

When I first got started in Network Marketing and developed the skills to enroll people into my organization every week, the one area that I fell short of success was in my leadership.

Sure, I could bring them in no problem, but knowing how to lead them was a whole different animal.

My biggest fault at that time in my career was that I was a “people pleaser”.

I babied everyone.

I did my best to make it as easy as possible for my new recruits, in fear that if I told them what they really had to do in order to succeed, they’d quit working with me and drop out of my business.

Basically, I was in fear of losing someone who I never even had.

Well sure enough, even when I did baby them, that was the end result for most of them.

They left, blaming me for my lack of support, the company for its comp plan, the tools for their lack of persuasion and whomever and whatever they could point their finger to.

I realized after dozens of people I sponsored left on these same terms, that no matter what I did, most of them weren’t going to make it no matter who their sponsor was, how good the tools or comp plan were or what the modus operandi was.

Truly, I was sick of the turnover after investing hundreds of hours into other people’s success.

I later found out that when you want success more for someone else than they want it for themself that this is first sign to end the student/mentor relationship, because there really isn’t any. PLUS, it’s not healthy to want it more for others than they want it for themselves.

Until I reached this threshold, I would keep on enrolling constantly, just to keep up with the turnover.

I then changed my focus to better communicators, people who had better jobs, who were just flat out disgusted with their lives but who were willing to do something about it immediately – people with larger influence than I did and who had better skills.

Once I began sponsoring UP, my business started changing.

Over the years, as I started being less attached to the new people I enrolled into my business, I learned some very valuable lessons about leadership.

The biggest lesson I learned, over time, after many years of trial and error, is that if you become everything to everyone, do everything for everyone and be the go-to guy or gal to everyone all the time, you wind up with a Co-Dependent Organization of people who will never make it long term in their business.

Sure, it’s important to always give value to others, but the best value you can give them is to point them in the right direction and teach them to be Self Accountable, Step Up and become an Independent and Self Functioning Business Owner.

With all the tools and systems available today, it hardly even matters who your sponsor is. If they want it badly enough, they will do what it takes to succeed. The evidence already points to this as many a Top Earner has horror stories of low grade sponsorship.

So, to become a better leader yourself, don’t fall into the trap of doing for others what they must learn to do for themselves.

The same goes for you, if you want to become a great leader.

Instead of calling upline or sideline for every little thing that you can’t figure out right away, call on your higher self to come up with the solutions.

Ask yourself, “If I was a leader, what would I do”?

Remember, you must first think like a leader, to become one.

You don’t become a leader first and then start thinking like one.

Use the tools. Learn the information available in your Back Office of whatever Online System you use.

Exhaust all the options before running scared.

There is hardly ever an emergency in home based business that can’t be figured out with a focus and determination to come up with the solution.

If the answer you seek is not found in the training documents and you call a leader and they are not available to answer your question, answer it yourself.

Take a risk.

Do something out of the ordinary.

Be different.

Don’t look for approval by anyone else.

Remember, if you are trying to make everyone happy, you are not leading.

The ones who appreciate you and what you do, will follow.

The rest, will not. And that is fine.

No worries.

There is nothing wrong here.

There are pleny of people to lead. The market is wide open when it comes to leadership.

But if you don’t start leading yourself, how in the world will you ever learn to lead others?

Ok, so here is my favorite Story about Leadership & Accountability:

A young boy was walking in the woods one day when he came across a cocoon spun around a small twig.

Remembering that inside a cocoon was a catepillar that would soon emerge as a butterfly, he carried the twig and cocoon home very carefully to show his dad.

They gently placed the cocoon in a jar, poked holes in the lid and waited patiently.

Each day, the boy would wake up and run to the jar to see if the catepillar had turned into a butterfly.

“Nothing yet today son”, his dad told him. “When the catepillar is ready, it will start breaking free.”

One morning the boy ran to the jar and saw the cocoon shaking.

He called for his dad and together the two of them witnessed the cocoon starting to open up.

The boy could see a small wing emerge.

But he also saw the butterfly was shaking profusely to break through.

It seemed that although the butterfuly wanted to get out of the cocoon, it was struggling.

The boy ran off and quickly returned with a small utility knife. He reached for the cocoon and sliced a hole in its side.

Sure enough, this help the boy gave the butterfuly allowed the small insect to break free.

Stragely enough to the boy, the butterfly didn’t do anything but walk around the rim of the jar.

It didn’t fly.

It just slowly walked around the opening of the jar and stood there looking around.

The boy was shocked and disappointed.

“Why isn’t it flying, dad”, the boy asked.

His dad responded, “The very strength that it would have taken for the butterfly to break out of its cocoon, is the same strength that it needed in order to spread its wings and fly.”

So, the moral to the story is…

Start learning to solve your own challenges.

Don’t rely on others to slice your cocoon open, because even if they do, you will not have the strength to fly on your own.

You are exactly where you are supposed to be at all times.

Even if you think you deserve more, you are getting exactly what you’re skills and value dictate in the marketplace. Don’t try to rush your progress or you will miss out on many of the true gifts that come with becoming successful.

Start learning to solve your own challenges.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t speak with your leaders to keep them up to speed on your progress.

You will learn a lot from them by doing 3 way calls and tapping into them for knowledge that you cannot find in the training materials or on live calls and webinars.

This knowledge usually comes in conversation when you are sharing with them how your business is going.

However, when you have questions, before you go acting like you don’t know how to proceed, ask yourself the same question as though you were the leader and had to answer it for someone else on your team.

What if you had a team of 10, 20, 30 thousand people and you were the leader; what would you do? How would you act? What solutions would you implement to overcome whatever puzzled you?

In the long run, you will become such a powerful leader because you solve your own problems, that you will be able to teach the same philosophy to others.

And that is what will breed confidence, success and leadership into your organization and will allow you and your team to attract great people who are solution oriented and who will also sponsor UP!

So, make today one that counts, come up with some clever solutions today and look for another message from me again soon.

Warm regards,
Aaron Rashkin


Aaron Rashkin is a Home Based Business Professional who has been referred to as a Master Prospector & Team Builder by his peers, including many Industry Experts. To receive his “To the Top” Newsletter, Top 10 Success Principles, HOT Leadership Tips & Best of the Best Prospecting Training Series, visit his personal website at


YOU Are the Brand

How many times have we heard “Xerox this”, when the
copier involved may not be a Xerox brand at all?

What brand do you think of when you hear the words
“Just do it”?

How about ordering a “coke” when what you really wanted
was another soda?

Branding is a powerful tool in our business lives.
While Nike and Xerox are prime examples of this idea,
all businesses can benefit from branding.

But can YOU, the solo operator of a small business (and
this does apply even if you work at home alone) use
branding to your advantage?

More importantly, does branding really matter in your

I believe the answer is yes. Not so much because you
might “hit it big” and become the next Wal-Mart but
because good branding lowers sales barriers.

Read that again …

Good branding lowers sales resistance.

Let me give you two examples from the online marketing

One is Armand Morin and the other is Alex Mandossian.
Both are very successful online, one for creating the
Big Seminar and a range of software tools.

The other for teaching people how to market online
using tools like teleseminars.

These men have paid careful attention to branding and
it has paid off.

But the KEY is this … they paid careful attention to
branding from the beginning!


In how they wrote sales copy
In how they provided customer service
In how they worked with others
In how they answered emails

Everything they did was with a mind toward creating a
brand that said “this person delivers quality”.

Because of those efforts they are successful today.

AND, perhaps more importantly, when they introduce a
new product or service it is met with happy
anticipation, NOT skepticism.

Why? Because they created that image, that brand.

Now, how can YOU profit from this?

I believe there are seven ways you can begin today to
build your brand.

It does not matter that you are not famous online.

It doesn’t even matter if you are yet to make your
first dollar — thinking about branding now will pay
big dividends in the future.

Here is a seven step formula that will give you a great
start toward establishing yourself as the brand of

* * * Know Where You Stand Now

What name pops into your customer’s mind when they need
what you do? If it’s not your name, why not? Do you
have a name or slogan that is easy to remember and
clearly describes what you offer?

* * * Know Where You Want To Go

What do you want to be known for? Like it or not,
customers will define us if we don’t define ourselves.
Do you want to be the low-price leader? Do you want to
be the value-added vendor?

We can’t (as much as we might like to) be everything to
everyone. Choose a theme for your business and promote
that theme at every opportunity. Soon, you will become
associated with the ONE benefit that is your strong

* * * Narrow Your Niche

Be such an expert in your field that you are the
natural choice to call when what you do becomes what
they need.

Marketing, either offline or online, creates the
greatest impact when it frames YOU as the smart
solution to a client’s problem.

* * * Give Away Some Work

If giving away your expertise means increasing your
exposure, strongly consider it. You are BUILDING a

There is nothing wrong or manipulative in trading work
for exposure, rather than cash. Sometimes a good word
from an influential customer pays bigger dividends than
the best advertising.

* * * Be Everywhere At Once

Oh, if only wishing made it so. The Internet can get
you close.

If you market online, participate in several forums or
blogs where decision makers and people of influence
hang out.

Choose your answers very carefully, but answer every
question you can, always bringing home the message that
you are the best choice.

If you market offline, consider adjusting your budget
to have a presence in each medium (TV, radio, print,
billboard) to reach the widest possible audience.

* * * Listen And Follow Up

If you give your product or service (or even advice) to
someone, follow up to see how it worked out. Be brief
and humble, but follow up to make sure you are on the

When you do this you not only evaluate the quality of
what you have given, you have an excellent opportunity
to see how it effects real people in the real world.

* * * KNOW Your Stuff

Nothing can replace the good will you create when you
do your very best work for every client or friend.

The key factor in branding is this. On the most basic
level, the level where clients live and work, your
company is represented by a person.

In your business that person may be YOU.

If you really know your stuff, and are willing to
invest some time, you can become the natural choice for
solving problems that arise in your field.

When those calls come, or those emails arrive you can
begin to build an endless chain of referrals that will
carry your business to new heights.

And that is a beautiful thing indeed!

Article is Written my Charlie Page
Charlie Page helps people succeed online with products
that educate combined with personal support.

To see all that Charlie offers, including a chance to
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Are You Carrying Buckets?

I let my personal trainer, Jeff, borrow a copy of “Rich
Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. A few weeks later during
our workout session he blurts out, “You know what — I’m
carrying buckets!”

“Huh?” I replied.

Jeff reminded me in the “Rich Dad” book Kiyosaki gives the
example of someone carrying buckets to supply a town with
a water and another person building a water pipe line to
carry the water. It took longer for the pipeline to be
built but once it was done – the money would continue to
come in with or without him.

What are you doing?

Sadly most people are carrying buckets. They are getting
paid based on the hours they work. Even if you are a
highly paid surgeon or attorney your income is still
limited by the hours you can work. Everybody has been
taught to think the harder you work the more money you
make. What if that’s completely wrong? What if it’s the
smarter the work, the more money you make?

Personally, I prefer to work once and get paid over and
over and over again. And there are lots of ways you can
create recurring revenue for yourself. It could be via
royalties from an invention, a song, or a book. It could
be from network marketing. It could be from real estate.
It could be dividends from investments. Or it could be
from a multitude of other ways aside from the typical
9-to-5 grind.

The majority of my income day-in and day-out is a direct
result of work I did 1, 2, 3…even 6+ years ago or more. For
instance, if you create an information product to sell
(like a report, ebook, software, video, etc) you only have
to do the work once of creating it and once to write the
sales letter.

Then if you set up some automatic promotion avenues like
an affiliate program or autoresponder messages – you can
continue to get paid for that product indefinitely. One of
biggest income streams is a product I created 5 years ago
and still makes me a nice six-figure income each year.

Frankly, I couldn’t turn off my recurring revenue streams
right now if I tried. That’s because much of what I’ve
created has fed on itself. One product refers people to
another. Our affiliate network (over 35,000) refer people
to our sites. Some of our sites cross-promote our other
sites, etc. etc.

When you keep working on activities that have recurring
value you’ll create a momentum that’s tough to stop. But
the truth is — it IS hard work in the beginning. It’s
like a rocket taking off in which it burns most of its
fuel on lift off.

You need to put in the hours and effort upfront and then
you can ease off the throttle. But if you don’t put in the
extra effort upfront you’ll never achieve lift off and get
that momentum you need.

The more you think about doing the work once and being
paid multiple times the more creative your mind will
become. Ask yourself the right questions and you’ll get
the right answers.

In fact, even this article, if I’m lucky, will become a
recurring income producing activity. I wrote this material
once and the publicity from it will hopefully get a few
people to my websites and into my marketing funnel.

Now of course, I’m not saying that every activity I do
each day is highly leveraged because I still do some “dumb
stuff” like checking email or filling out tax forms. But
I’m working on outsourcing as much as I can and focusing
just on income producing activities (just like you

(c) Surefire Marketing, Inc.

Article is written by Yanik Silver
Yanik Silver is recognized as the leading expert on
creating automatic, moneymaking websites…and he still
doesn’t know how to put up a website.

He is the author, co-author or creator of several best-
selling online marketing books and tools, including his
newest resource for “not carrying buckets” –


Eight Ways To Write Headlines That DEMAND Attention!

Do you know why some sites bring in buckets of cash
while other sites don’t make a dime?

Ever wonder why some ads fizzle while others create a
selling frenzy?

One BIG reason could be the headline.

When selling things on the Internet you have about
three seconds to make your point or lose your visitor.

Click … BANG … they’re gone forever!

If *your* headlines are under-performing then it IS
costing you sales. No doubt about it.

* You need a great headline.
* You want a great headline.
* You’d love to have a great headline.

But how do you create a GREAT headline if you’re not a
professional copywriter?

Glad you asked. ;)

Here are eight tips that will empower YOU to write a
great headline today.

1. Review the sites of about 15 top marketers before
you begin to write. Never take their copy (that would
be stealing) but *do* draw inspiration from their
headlines before you begin.

It’s amazing how simple and effective this technique is
when you need a powerful headline.

2. Make your headline short. Five to seven words works
very well. You can be more expansive in the sub-head,
once you have your visitors’ attention.

3. Use a question as your headline. The point of your
headline is to get people to stop long enough to
consider your site. Asking a question is a great way to
do this, if you ask the right question.

HINT: The right question is always one that can be
answered by your product.

4. Use an exclamation point or question mark in your
headline. It is important to convey excitement in the

5. Be clear. Tell the reader exactly how your product
will help them.

6. Use a “number of steps” formula. If your product
will solve a problem in a certain number of steps, say
so. People love simple solutions to their problems.

7. Use a “number of ways” formula. Use this instead of
a number of steps.

8. Use an “in under” formula. When time or money is
involved, using an “in under” or “for less than”
approach works well. One example is “How to succeed
online for under $100!”

I have used the same techniques shared above to write
the headlines for my own sites. They are short and they
work well.

Here is the URL if you are interested.

Using these eight steps you can create powerful
headlines for your website, your emails, your blog, or
anywhere else you might need to get people to stop and
pay attention.

If you do you will make more sales, get more signups
and watch as your advertising becomes more and more

And effective advertising is a beautiful thing indeed!

This article was written my Charlie Page and is being printed here with his permission.
Charlie Page helps people succeed online with products
that educate combined with personal support.

To see all that Charlie offers, including a chance to
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