Eight Ways To Write Headlines That DEMAND Attention!

Do you know why some sites bring in buckets of cash
while other sites don’t make a dime?

Ever wonder why some ads fizzle while others create a
selling frenzy?

One BIG reason could be the headline.

When selling things on the Internet you have about
three seconds to make your point or lose your visitor.

Click … BANG … they’re gone forever!

If *your* headlines are under-performing then it IS
costing you sales. No doubt about it.

* You need a great headline.
* You want a great headline.
* You’d love to have a great headline.

But how do you create a GREAT headline if you’re not a
professional copywriter?

Glad you asked. ;)

Here are eight tips that will empower YOU to write a
great headline today.

1. Review the sites of about 15 top marketers before
you begin to write. Never take their copy (that would
be stealing) but *do* draw inspiration from their
headlines before you begin.

It’s amazing how simple and effective this technique is
when you need a powerful headline.

2. Make your headline short. Five to seven words works
very well. You can be more expansive in the sub-head,
once you have your visitors’ attention.

3. Use a question as your headline. The point of your
headline is to get people to stop long enough to
consider your site. Asking a question is a great way to
do this, if you ask the right question.

HINT: The right question is always one that can be
answered by your product.

4. Use an exclamation point or question mark in your
headline. It is important to convey excitement in the

5. Be clear. Tell the reader exactly how your product
will help them.

6. Use a “number of steps” formula. If your product
will solve a problem in a certain number of steps, say
so. People love simple solutions to their problems.

7. Use a “number of ways” formula. Use this instead of
a number of steps.

8. Use an “in under” formula. When time or money is
involved, using an “in under” or “for less than”
approach works well. One example is “How to succeed
online for under $100!”

I have used the same techniques shared above to write
the headlines for my own sites. They are short and they
work well.

Here is the URL if you are interested.


Using these eight steps you can create powerful
headlines for your website, your emails, your blog, or
anywhere else you might need to get people to stop and
pay attention.

If you do you will make more sales, get more signups
and watch as your advertising becomes more and more

And effective advertising is a beautiful thing indeed!

This article was written my Charlie Page and is being printed here with his permission.
Charlie Page helps people succeed online with products
that educate combined with personal support.

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