Only YOU Can Stop YOU

How successful will you be in your network marketing business six months from now?

Will you be making…

$500 a month? A thousand? Ten thousand? More … ?

What will you do to get there?

Will you “do the best you can,” OR… will you do even better?

Know this: the “best you can” today is far from the best you’re capable of.

That’s why my attitude’s driven not by what I think I’m capable of “today” but what I know I’ll be capable of “tomorrow.”

Here’s why:

We grow into success. And that means that the only real limits you & I face in this industry are the one’s we impose on ourselves (or allow others to impose upon us).

It’s not enough to think or “hope” you can. You have to make a decision to “know you can,” and let that drive the action you take on a daily basis.

Consider famed magician David Blaine…

In stunt after stunt, he’s faced down and conquered the seemingly impossible …

Why has David been able to do so many stunts that no one else has? Sure he’s in good shape but there’s undoubtedly people in as good of better physical condition as he.

Answer? Mental discipline.

He’s thoughts don’t control him, he controls his thoughts.

What about you?

What holds you back? What’s keeping you from reaching amazing levels of success in your network marketing business?

Lack of time?
Lack of training?

More likely… it’s what’s in your head.

Ask yourself this:

Are you controlling your fear (and doubts) or are they controlling you?

Does fear or anxiety keep you from doing what you KNOW you need to do?

Do you lack belief?

Take control. Take your life off autopilot and exercise mental discipline.

You know what you need to do. Start doing it. Don’t let anything, not fear or anxiety nor life’s distractions get in your way.

Focus on taking action and talking to people every day about your business.

Give yourself the freedom to make mistakes (I do … every single day).

This industry is 98% “attitude” and “mental discipline.”

Want to accomplish big things? Then make a decision that you’re going to. Then, believe it and ACT on your decision.

When doubt sneaks in, show it the door.

Don’t focus on your shortcomings or adverse circumstances. Make a decision to look beyond them, and know that things will change and you will get stronger and better when you do.

Don’t talk about what you’re going to do… do it.

There’s a great saying one of my mentors used to say.

He would say:

“Your actions speak so loudly, I can’t hear what your saying…”

Take a moment and really think that through.
It’s simple to understand, but it’s deep.

Look at what you’re doing. Are you REALLY building a network marketing business? Or are you kidding yourself, and kidding those around you?

What ACTION are you taking? Are you telling people how committed you are, but not attending your company’s convention?

Are you talking to prospects every day? Or are you kidding yourself?

With the right attitude, mental discipline, and consistent daily action… success, your success, is a foregone conclusion.

. . . . . . .

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Are You Carrying Buckets?

I let my personal trainer, Jeff, borrow a copy of “Rich
Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. A few weeks later during
our workout session he blurts out, “You know what — I’m
carrying buckets!”

“Huh?” I replied.

Jeff reminded me in the “Rich Dad” book Kiyosaki gives the
example of someone carrying buckets to supply a town with
a water and another person building a water pipe line to
carry the water. It took longer for the pipeline to be
built but once it was done – the money would continue to
come in with or without him.

What are you doing?

Sadly most people are carrying buckets. They are getting
paid based on the hours they work. Even if you are a
highly paid surgeon or attorney your income is still
limited by the hours you can work. Everybody has been
taught to think the harder you work the more money you
make. What if that’s completely wrong? What if it’s the
smarter the work, the more money you make?

Personally, I prefer to work once and get paid over and
over and over again. And there are lots of ways you can
create recurring revenue for yourself. It could be via
royalties from an invention, a song, or a book. It could
be from network marketing. It could be from real estate.
It could be dividends from investments. Or it could be
from a multitude of other ways aside from the typical
9-to-5 grind.

The majority of my income day-in and day-out is a direct
result of work I did 1, 2, 3…even 6+ years ago or more. For
instance, if you create an information product to sell
(like a report, ebook, software, video, etc) you only have
to do the work once of creating it and once to write the
sales letter.

Then if you set up some automatic promotion avenues like
an affiliate program or autoresponder messages – you can
continue to get paid for that product indefinitely. One of
biggest income streams is a product I created 5 years ago
and still makes me a nice six-figure income each year.

Frankly, I couldn’t turn off my recurring revenue streams
right now if I tried. That’s because much of what I’ve
created has fed on itself. One product refers people to
another. Our affiliate network (over 35,000) refer people
to our sites. Some of our sites cross-promote our other
sites, etc. etc.

When you keep working on activities that have recurring
value you’ll create a momentum that’s tough to stop. But
the truth is — it IS hard work in the beginning. It’s
like a rocket taking off in which it burns most of its
fuel on lift off.

You need to put in the hours and effort upfront and then
you can ease off the throttle. But if you don’t put in the
extra effort upfront you’ll never achieve lift off and get
that momentum you need.

The more you think about doing the work once and being
paid multiple times the more creative your mind will
become. Ask yourself the right questions and you’ll get
the right answers.

In fact, even this article, if I’m lucky, will become a
recurring income producing activity. I wrote this material
once and the publicity from it will hopefully get a few
people to my websites and into my marketing funnel.

Now of course, I’m not saying that every activity I do
each day is highly leveraged because I still do some “dumb
stuff” like checking email or filling out tax forms. But
I’m working on outsourcing as much as I can and focusing
just on income producing activities (just like you

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Article is written by Yanik Silver
Yanik Silver is recognized as the leading expert on
creating automatic, moneymaking websites…and he still
doesn’t know how to put up a website.

He is the author, co-author or creator of several best-
selling online marketing books and tools, including his
newest resource for “not carrying buckets” –


Eight Ways To Write Headlines That DEMAND Attention!

Do you know why some sites bring in buckets of cash
while other sites don’t make a dime?

Ever wonder why some ads fizzle while others create a
selling frenzy?

One BIG reason could be the headline.

When selling things on the Internet you have about
three seconds to make your point or lose your visitor.

Click … BANG … they’re gone forever!

If *your* headlines are under-performing then it IS
costing you sales. No doubt about it.

* You need a great headline.
* You want a great headline.
* You’d love to have a great headline.

But how do you create a GREAT headline if you’re not a
professional copywriter?

Glad you asked. ;)

Here are eight tips that will empower YOU to write a
great headline today.

1. Review the sites of about 15 top marketers before
you begin to write. Never take their copy (that would
be stealing) but *do* draw inspiration from their
headlines before you begin.

It’s amazing how simple and effective this technique is
when you need a powerful headline.

2. Make your headline short. Five to seven words works
very well. You can be more expansive in the sub-head,
once you have your visitors’ attention.

3. Use a question as your headline. The point of your
headline is to get people to stop long enough to
consider your site. Asking a question is a great way to
do this, if you ask the right question.

HINT: The right question is always one that can be
answered by your product.

4. Use an exclamation point or question mark in your
headline. It is important to convey excitement in the

5. Be clear. Tell the reader exactly how your product
will help them.

6. Use a “number of steps” formula. If your product
will solve a problem in a certain number of steps, say
so. People love simple solutions to their problems.

7. Use a “number of ways” formula. Use this instead of
a number of steps.

8. Use an “in under” formula. When time or money is
involved, using an “in under” or “for less than”
approach works well. One example is “How to succeed
online for under $100!”

I have used the same techniques shared above to write
the headlines for my own sites. They are short and they
work well.

Here is the URL if you are interested.

Using these eight steps you can create powerful
headlines for your website, your emails, your blog, or
anywhere else you might need to get people to stop and
pay attention.

If you do you will make more sales, get more signups
and watch as your advertising becomes more and more

And effective advertising is a beautiful thing indeed!

This article was written my Charlie Page and is being printed here with his permission.
Charlie Page helps people succeed online with products
that educate combined with personal support.

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